5 golden reasons why a Winter Wonderland date should be at the top of your Christmas list

There’s a reason why when we open the Winter Wonderland gates, without fail, there is a frenzy of people pushing ‘bae’ applications on social media: Winter Wonderland is the ideal date destination for everyone!

Yes, the Winter Wonderland gates open on the 18th of November, but it won’t be long until people want to scout a new potential bae to secure their date night in London’s No.1 Christmas destination.

In case you need any more convincing as to why there’s no better date destination beyond Christmas lights, toasted marshmallows, candy floss, fun roller coasters and activities, huge soft plush toys, mulled wine, ice skating, (we can go on)… We have put together 5 reasons for you.

1. Unbeatable Instagram Pics

It’s a known fact that Winter Wonderland is THE destination to post an Instagram pic at, however, with a date by your side, it’s a DOUBLE slay. Whether it’s in front of the luminaires at the entrance, or the ferris wheel, it is definitely necessary to capture the moment and show your (potential) future kids. Wait, are we moving too fast?

2. Breaking the ice

Beyond the Frozen fairytale scene that you would be experiencing, it is also a perfect excuse to hold hands and see whether your date would catch you if you fall! (we mean that both metaphorically and physically)

3. Laugh together in the funhouse

Yes, tripping up all over the place may not be what you consider as ‘cute’ for your date to see, but hey, let’s turn the tables around, you both get to see one another in a natural, silly state! With all the laughter that’s to be had in the brand new Après-ski Party Funhouse, you’ll end up falling for each other… literally.

4. Cosying up by the fire

You get to snuggle up to one another by the fire pit at Thor’s Tipi. We know that you’ve had a lifelong desire to experience a Christmas Rom-Com scene by the fire and we want you to fulfill that with us in our Hyde Park home.

5. All of the food!

What’s a better cue for a kiss than accidentally spilling some Nutella from your crêpe onto your face? Enjoy the endless sweetness of Winter Wonderland with your loved one!

We cannot wait to welcome back all you lovebirds this November so that you can all experience your long-awaited, magical, Christmas love story with us! There’s no better place to make memories and capture special moments during this festive season.

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