Our Top 5 spots for Instagram photos

It’s no secret that Hyde Park Winter Wonderland is the ultimate hotspot (or coldspot?) for the most aesthetically pleasing Instagram photos. Let’s be honest… it might be the whole reason that you join us every year. Either way, we don’t blame you and love seeing all your pics at Winter Wonderland! Share them on #HydeParkWinterWonderland so we can see.

Whether you want solo shots, travel pics, family photos, friendship goals or date night shots, we’ve got you covered.

So we’ve put together our top 5 favourite photo spots to help your Insta, sleigh! 

1. The Luminaires

Ah, the good ol’ lit up arches. An absolute classic for every Instagrammer as soon as they enter Winter Wonderland. This spot is widely accepted as the place in Winter Wonderland to get a photo with your date and make it Insta-official. If you want to get your picture as soon as you arrive, enter through the Gold Gate near Marble Arch.

Instagram: @louteasdale

2. The Giant Wheel

An attraction that shines down on all of us: The Giant Wheel. Kind of like the Mona Lisa, its eye is always looking at you no matter what angle you look at it from. Therefore, the spots to get a photo in front of the Giant Wheel are pretty much endless across Winter Wonderland (P.S. Extra points for notoriously holding a bag of indulgent churros in your pic!)

Instagram: @mollymae

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3. By the food stalls

A snack in front of some snacks – it just makes total sense! Like a kid in a candy store, there are so many different delicious food stalls that can be found in the Street Food area to get your photo by and give your friends at home that FOMO feeling!

Instagram: @rochellehumes

4. With a soft toy

Show off your wins! Yes, it is easier said than done to win a prize from one of the games here at Winter Wonderland, but if you play hard enough, you’ll be able to get a photo hugging an adorable plush toy. The best plus one to take a photo with in our opinion!

5. In the Christmas Markets

There are so many different treats on display in the Christmas markets, making for endless backdrops for you to take a photo in front of and get the perfect shot.

Instagram: @rochellehumes

Make sure to tag us @HydeParkWinterWonderland – we can’t wait to see you all make use of our unbeatable locations for photos!

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