Top 5 reasons why winter is better than summer

Goodbye summer… Hello winter!

We are buzzing to get rid of summertime sadness, and welcome the festive spirit of winter with you all!

We believe that summer ending shouldn’t be a sad goodbye at all, as the countdown until our Winter Wonderland gates open starts here! We’ve got everything here that you could possibly desire. Summer cannot relate…

Still not convinced as to how winter is superior to summer?

Here are 5 happy “farewells” to summer, and equally 5 happy “welcome backs” to winter:

1. Goodbye lukewarm water… Hello hot chocolate!

Our hot chocolate is an absolute fan favourite, it’s practically synonymous with the word ‘winter’! With some whipped cream and marshmallows on-top, what could possibly be more blissful? Not a bottle of warm water that had been sitting in the sun, that’s for sure!

2. Goodbye scolding flip flops… Hello winter boots!

Winter boots – An essential for maneuvering around Winter Wonderland during your visit! Especially in the funhouse, we can’t afford to slip in front of our dates, as of course, it would have been your choice of shoes to blame 😉 (not your poor balance!)

Book your visit to Edelweiss Funhouse here.

3. Goodbye sweaty clothes… Hello cosy knitwear!

There’s nothing worse than getting off the boiling-hot tube with your clothes sticking to you, reeking in sweat! Therefore, cosy knitwear has a special place in our hearts during those crisp, winter evenings. Santa definitely agrees with our take on this one!

4. Goodbye appetite-less nights… Hello comfort foods!

Is it just us or does the heat just take away your appetite more than winter? Hearty, hot meals just hit different in winter. We offer sit-down meals at Bavarian village, including traditional German food such as bratwurst sausages, Oktoberfest chicken and roast pork, meatballs, pork leg, potato dumplings and more!

Book your German feast at Bavarian village here.

5. Goodbye cold showers… Hello warm bubble baths!

We are convinced that whoever claims that they genuinely enjoy cold showers is lying. Nothing beats soaking in a foamy, lavender-infused bubble bath to wind you down at the end of the day.

In conclusion, we cannot wait to celebrate the endless bliss of winter with you all! Hopefully, this talk has changed your mind about which season is the best 😉

Winter Wonderland x

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