What Summer Holiday Vibe Are You?

You know we’re always dreaming of winter but summer is finally starting to show us some of the good stuff, so we’ve lined up your summer reading. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or taking a few minutes respite from your adventures, spare a few minutes to find out your perfect Hyde Park Winter Wonderland activities based on your summer vibe…

What summer vibe are you?

Pool lounger and chill

How you’re spending your summer: Your ideal holiday is spent sitting by the pool, sipping on cocktails and feeling the glow of the big ball of fire on your face (not literally, okay).
How you should spend your winter: First off, head to The Fire Pit Bar to toast your cold hands (again not literally, be safe) on the open fire and sip on a festive cocktail with live performances that will take you right back to your summer holiday’s evening. Then, sit back and marvel at the debut of brand new show, Cirque Berserk: Tornado filled with adrenaline-fuelled circus skills and thrills – it’s a bonus that it’s always warm inside the Megadome!

Packing it all in

How you’re spending your summer: Paragliding one day, survival camping the next. You are constantly on the go and living life to the fullest, with a healthy dose of adrenaline to fuel each day.
How you should spend your winter: Show off your best swizzles and toe taps with a spin round the Victorian bandstand at the UK’s largest open-air ice rink over at Lidl On Ice. Then, buckle in for five loop-the-loops with a ride on Munich Looping. Pretty epic, right?

Sightseer extraordinaire

How you’re spending your summer: You are just go, go, go. Your itinerary is locked and loaded and you’re going sunrise to sunset exploring every single day.
How you should spend your winter: Tick some of London’s best landmarks off your list with a trip on the Giant Wheel, where you’ll tower 70 metres over the Park. Then soar even higher above the Park (80 metres to be precise) with a ride on the Aeronaut Starflyer, our personal favourite way of seeing the sights.

There for the mems

How you’re spending your summer: Providing you can take photos, make memories and hold onto them forever, you’re game.
How you should spend your winter: Making magical memories with your loved ones is our favourite part of Winter Wonderland and with the brand new Santaland Unlimited Ride Pass, you can join your little ones on their favourite rides, as many times as you want, all day long. Venture into Magical Ice Kingdom to explore the nine realms of Norse mythology, complete with Viking villages and fantastical creatures and sculpted from over 500 tonnes of ice and snow.

Tastebuds on tour

How you’re spending your summer: You are eating and drinking your way around the world, one holiday at a time. If it tastes good, you want in and will remember every place you’ve travelled by their delicious food.
How you should spend your winter: Open your feast by dropping into The Sleigh-By where we’ve brought together the hottest street food vendors for you to indulge. Finish off with a trip to the coolest bar at Winter Wonderland, Bar Ice, for a festive cocktail from Mixtons Cocktails, served in a cup made entirely of ice.

With less than 100 days until we open the gates and welcome you back to Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, time is ticking on for you to sort out your winter plans. Tickets are now available for all pre-bookable rides and attractions and don’t forget if you spend £25 per person, you’ll get your entry for free.

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