The Jolly Hog: PIBS!

We bring you an insider exclusive with Jolly Hog on how to make your very own Pigs in Blankets! Jolly Hog have not only provided us with the classic recipe but included 3 more scrumptious treats for you to feel inspired for your Christmas dinner this year.

Pigs in blankets are undoubtedly one of the most important parts of Christmas, but with national shortages this year, the panic has set in as to whether Christmas can be saved. Luckily, we’re here to give you our top tips for rolling your own pigs in blankets – or PIBS, as we call them – protecting you against the shortages. Here’s some of our tasty and trusted versions of everyone’s favourite Christmas canape:

Giant PIBS

Why settle for smaller pigs in blankets when you can make them larger? These are our go-to Christmas nibble.

  • Take a pack of our British Outdoor Bred RSPCA Assured Proper Porkers and Great Taste Award Winning Oak and Beech Smoked Streaky Bacon.
  • Wrap each chipolata sausage with a rasher of the streaky bacon.
  • We like chopping rosemary sprigs and securing one on each PIB like a parcel underneath the bacon.
  • Place your pigs in blankets in the oven for 30 minutes on 180, turning them halfway through cooking.
  • Combine equal parts runny honey with wholegrain mustard and stir.
  • Remove your pigs in blankets from the oven and brush them with your honey wholegrain mustard glaze.
  • Pop them back into the oven for 5 minutes and remove when they have browned.


Pigs in blankets parcels

Loved ever since our mum made them for us a child, it doesn’t get more comforting than these porky parcels. Go big and have them for starters, save them for a side dish or switch your stuffing out for these pimped up PIBS:

  • Take a pack of our Caramelised Porkers – these make for the best stuffing balls thanks to their sweet caramelised onion flavour. Squeeze the sausage meat out of their skins and combine the meat in a bowl.
  • Decide how many parcels you’re going to make and divide the meat into even sized spheres. Use your hands to roll the meat into balls.
  • Wrap each stuffing ball with a rasher of our Streaky Bacon, overlapping the bacon at the end & add them to an oven tray.
  • Cook the parcels for 25-30 minutes on 180. After this time, remove them from the oven and brush them with a glaze – we love using cranberry, apple sauce or honey mustard. Return to the oven for 5 minutes.
  • Leave a few minutes to allow these parcels to cool before tucking into them.

Sticky Halloumi in Blankets

How do you make something better? Add cheese. These sticky PIB alternatives are perfect for feeding impatient family, taking less than 10 minutes to cook. Stick them under the grill & enjoy the sweet smells of cheese and bacon.

  • Chop a block of halloumi into slices.
  • Wrap each slice with a rasher of our Smoked Streaky Bacon.
  • Plop a sprig of rosemary under each bacon rasher.
  • Brush the parcels with a cranberry sauce glaze & cook under the grill until the cheese has gone gooey & golden & the bacon has crisped.

The Jolly Hog is so excited to be back this year at Winter Wonderland.

We first pitched up at Winter Wonderland in Christmas 2012, and can’t wait to get back this year to cook up a taste of Christmas with our Great Taste Award winning porky products. This year we’ll be back serving up all of our British Outdoor Bred, RSPCA Assured products in delicious dishes including a pulled Black Treacle Gammon Christmas bap, a giant pigs in blanket hot dog and pots of our Black Treacle Bacon wrapped Pigs in Blankets. Join us on Sunday 28th November for a ‘roll your own pigs in blankets’ station where you can book to roll your own PIBS to take home for free.

Book a slot here:

And if the above wasn't enough. Watch this video to learn how to make your own bacon wrapped stuffing with produce from Jolly Hog!

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